January 15, 2018

Cruise Ship Jobs – Activities

There's one way to see the world without spending a lot of money – working on a cruise ship. And there's no better department to work in than the activities department. This section offers those who like working with people the chance to see such far away destinations as Panama Canal and Antarctica, without breaking the bank. If you're ready to work hard, and receive lots of job satisfaction in return, then consider working in a cruise line's activity department in one of the following capacities below.

Activity coordinator
This person coordinates all of the different activities on board by ensuring that the activity staff is doing their jobs. The coordinator should enjoy interacting with others and have a talent for supervising others. Experience in the field (not necessarily aboard a ship) is a plus.

Besides plenty of food, cruise lines are also known for their outstanding lecture series on board. If you enjoy public speaking and have knowledge about the different destinacies, then this position would be ideal.

Host / hostess
This person is responsible for greeting passengers when they board, and they help set up any special requests that passengers might have such an onboard birthday party or other social gathering. This person should enjoy interacting and helping others.

Arts and crafts instructor
These positions require experience in teaching arts and crafts. They should also be artistic. Typically, the instructor will be responsible for supplying the materials for the class.

Shore excursion manager
A huge part of cruising is the shore excursion piece. Cruises hire a shore excursion manager to help drum up business for the cruise line's shore excursion packages. This person is responsible for supervising the shore excursion staff, as well as promoting and selling the trips to the passengers on board. In addition, this person oversees all of the monetary transactions and accounting. The position is suitable for someone who is organized and has experience with sales and marketing.

Shore excursion staff
These staff members work under the shore excursion manager's direction. They are responsible for manning the tour sales desk and they also deal with passenger complaints. They need to be personable and they should enjoy interacting with others, even under times of stress.

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