January 15, 2018

Discount Cruises on Disney Cruise Lines

Disney cruise lines offer the best in entertainment and good, clean fun, and are dedicated to making the journey to any destination a memorable experience, and are happy to offer their support and expertise to make sure your journey is safe, exciting and unique. Several travel packages are offered that include both land and sea adventures and what better way to go then with a Disney Cruise? Disney Cruise Lines are now working on two brand new ships that will be much larger, and full of even more fun filled activities to create lasting memories for the entire family. Cruise vacations to the Caribbean and a private island in the Bahamas are available, with an emphasis on family and kid-friendly fun.

A Family Friendly Cruise Line

Family friendly Disney cruise lines ensures that your needs are met and more while sailing to exotic lands and ports. Family-oriented features include the elite Walt Disney Theater, which resembles a plush Broadway house; the Buena Vista Theater, which features Disney Corporation flicks; and Studio Sea, styled like a television sound stage and offering a forum for G-rated floor shows. If you're looking for a great cruise experience and are interested in a friendly, family atmosphere, then the Disney cruise line is ready and waiting for you to board. But to ensure that you and your family have a good time "sailing the seas" together, you need to choose the best kind of cruise for your family. If you have real young children, before you even begin to determine what cruise would be suitable for you and your family, remember that cruise ships have age limits. The next step is to determine what your family's interests are. So you can enjoy family time together, look for a cruise that offers games, contests, live entertainment and other things that would interest all of you.


When you experience a Disney Cruise Line vacation, you're heading out on a voyage unlike any other. Whether you want to spend all your time onboard or if you want to go ashore once in a while and sink your toes into the crisp white, hot sand of the Caribbean or the Bahamas, Disney cruise lines just for you. No matter what your style of vacation or if you're a child or simply a "kid at heart", you'll find what you're looking for on the Disney cruise ships. They are now an affordable way for a family to take a vacation. On the surface it would appear that companies offering vacations on the water are all the same. No body does vacation better than the cruise lines.

The Ship

Have you sailed on a Disney ship? Two ships – The Wonder and the Magic– depart from Port Canaveral (an hour west of Orlando), and were designed to evoke the grand oceanliners of the 1920's and 30's. Even before the launch of Disney cruises in 1998, entire ships were dedicated to the family travelers. The Disney Wonder and Magic have been so popular that new itineraries, including Europe and the Pacific, as well as new ships, are on order.


Characters of all sorts cavort on the Disney Cruise Line ships with the passengers, adding fun to this great family vacation that kids will love. A number of Disney characters sets sail with each and every ship in the Disney cruise line, with surprises around every corner. Your favorite Characters will make appearances throughout the entourage cruise. Aboard the ship your children can enjoy many of the fun Disney World style activities and play with their favorite characters as well. And they'll see more Disney characters than at the theme parks. Not only will there be characters in the three major shows but they'll also be all around the ship. Disney characters can be seen on deck, and musical shows based on the studio's animated movies are performed in a large onboard theater.

Disney cruise lines may be just what you are looking for and you do not have to bring the baby sitter along because Disney has plenty already onboard. Disney cruise lines offer the best rates to the passengers, who make early bookings, so better save your money. Disney Cruise Lines scores a 5M rating, the most competitive rating possible, in the brand perception moat. Disney Cruise Lines has everything that you could possibly want on a family vacation, plus all the fun and entertainment that you can handle, all while providing some of the most luxurious surrounds that will help you to relax and enjoy life on the deep blue sea.

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