January 16, 2018

Best Cruise Deals – The Truth About Finding the Cheapest Cruise Deals

Looking for the best cruise deals depends on many factors but the truth is, finding a great deal today is a lot easier than it was a decade ago.

There has been a boom in cruising during the past ten years with almost 10 million people a year experiencing the benefits of cruising on the high seas. The cost of cruises has stabilized to the point where vacationers on tight budgets can now afford to spend up to seven nights on a ship without extending the budget.

Best Cruise Deals

Your travel professional should always be your first port-of-call when looking for the best cruise deals. Why? Because they not only have the ability to hunt down the best deals but they also provide follow up service which is invaluable.

However, there still needs to be a degree of due diligence on your part. For example, do not settle on the first quote you're given. There are plenty of travel professionals to choose from so use them.

When hunting around for the best quote spend time on the phone with different agents and use what is called as comparison cruise shopping. This means make a list of potential travel professionals, up to ten is great and spend a little time speaking with each of them.

Get a list of the best quotes from the first one you talk to and then use this list as leverage to get better quotes from the reminder. Expect that some may play hard ball but in general, you'll end up with a better deal after this exercise than the original quote you were given.

If the first agent quoted you $ 1000 for a 7 day / 7night cruise to the Western Caribbean then when you speak with the next travel consultant, simply ask the question – "can you beat this quote?"

That's it. You'll find most will be more than accommodating and if you can end up with a deal at least $ 100 less than the first quote, that means you have an extra $ 100 to put into your spending account for the cruise.

Most times, this system will get you much more than $ 100 off the original quote. Never accept the original price for cruise trips which are not scheduled to depart for at least six months.

It's important to remember that this system usually works best for cruises which are scheduled at least 4-6 months into the future. Getting the best cruise deals for vacations due to depart in 1-2 months will be difficult because these fares will already be deducted as the urgency to fill state rooms begins.

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