January 16, 2018

Croatia Cruise – Gulet Voyage You'll Remember For Life

Who Else Wants A Croatia Cruise Of Life?

That magnificent, beautiful Adriatic sea … Time for you and your family to relax. Here are few tips on how to pick the best Croatia cruise and enjoy your vacation the most.

It is maybe the best if I share with you my experience.

First time I've heard about gulet cruising was from a friend who used to book gulet cruises with his buddies and business partners. He told me this shocking-to-the-bones story …

Not all gulets are the same.

First time he was on his cruise, it was good … so good that he returned the same summer for another cruise. This time, he picked a wrong gulet. Captain did not speak English, cabins were dirty and they had to stick to the route with no suggestions allowed (partly because of poor understanding with the crew). That scared me that I have almost cancelled my cruise scheduled for the next year.

But Fortunately, I did not.

I've found a gulet that was perfect … from the crew to the gulet itself. It was so nice and relaxing that it became my must-have vacation at least once and often twice a year. Since then I've discovered a few things every gulet tourist should know about.

First things first … pick a good gulet. Make sure a crew can speak English and that cook is experienced. Second, ask for pictures of a gulet itself. If everything looks fine, the last step is to contact the owner personally and make sure you'll in fact spend your time on that particular gulet. If everything is alright, then you are good to discover these tips on how to enjoy your Croatia cruise the most.

Taste homemade wines and local food. Adriatic sea is rich with fish and islands that are producing special, very tasteful wines. You should try them. Do not make a mistake by drinking popular well-known wines from France or wherever. You'll be surprised how delicious local wines are.

Second … eat fish. If you are lucky, you might get just caught fish served on your table. Fish you can not taste anywhere else but on Adria.

At last … listen to the captain. If you pick the right gulet it will be a wise choice to listen to the experienced captain. He knows that area like his own pocket. He knows where to find the most amazing, breath-taking places you would never find otherwise. In conclusion, it is a must-have cruise and a joy you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Source by Adriano Cruist

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