January 16, 2018

Cruise Lines – All You Need To Know

Who are the people who you refer to when you plan a pleasure trip with your loves ones on the ship? Whom do you contact to know and compare the prices of various voyage packages? Who are the people who you contact when you need to make sure that your safety is ensured? Well, the answer to all these questions is "cruise lines"!


A corporation or an organization which operates cruise ships is often known as cruise line. They serve two purposes, namely, transportation and leisure pleasure trips. Apart from the headquartered employees and the administrative officers, the cruise line personnel also includes the captain of the ship, the cruise crew, hospitality staff members and a hotel manager or his equivalent.

Many cruise lines that are operating currently operating are straight from the family of conventional passenger shipping lines. The others originate from the original cruising organizations which were established early in the days of 1960's.


Currently, there are 52 major cruise lines that are operating in many parts of the world like Europe, United States, and Asia among others. And invariably, most of the headquarters of all these cruise lines are located in Europe and the United States. So, here is the list of the most popular and well known cruise lines: –

1. Birka line:

The starting point of this cruise line is Stockholm and its cruise activities mainly take place in and around the Baltic Sea. It is an Albanian cruiser ship and it primarily focuses on cruising activities. It was created post the acquisition of this ship named M / S Princessan was later rechristened as Prinsessan. The first cruise of this ship was between Stockholm and Mariehamn.

In the year 1972, this ship, took over the M / S Olav, after which it was renamed Baronessan. Many other ships were admitted with the passage of time and passenger ferries and cars have also been introduced in the Stockholm to Helsinki route. One other addition was the M / S Drottningen, a train ferry which provides service from Stockholm to Helsinki via the Leningrad route.

2. Carnival cruise line:

The carnival cruise line is one of the ancillaries of the carnival co. which is the largest cruise corporation in the world. They used to be the leader of shorter and cheaper cruises. They have also been the producers of large ships such as the Carnival Destiny which is the greatest passenger ship weighing 101,000 tons.

In the first quarter of April of 2006, the company has successfully incorporated two more cruise ships to their already existing fleet. The new ships have been named Carnival Freedom, which would have been unveiled in the year 2007 and the other one is carnival Splendor, which would be getting a spring 2008 launch.

3. Crystal cruise lines:
The crystal cruise line made its debut in the year 1988 with three high-end medium sized ships. It is more frequently referred to as Crystal Cruises. The Japanese Shipping giant Nippon Yusen Kaisha owns it. These ships have been placed as one of the best cruises almost every year by the Conde Nast Traveler magazine. They have also been placed in the top twenty in almost all guidebooks.

4. Disney cruise line:
It is held by the world reowned Walt Disney company and has its headquarters in Celebration, Florida. Two ships are operated under this line namely, the Disney wonder and the Disney magic together with Castaway Cay, an island designed as a special port for all of Disney's ships in the Bahamas.

There variation between the two ships lies in the entertainment sections and the restaurants. They have different areas designed as per the likings and preferences of different age groups right from toddlers to children to teenagers to adults.

5. Norwegian cruise lines:

This company has its base in Florida, Miami to be precise and was initially known to be the Norwegian Caribbean Lines when it was formed in 1966. It started off by providing voyages in the Caribbean region at lower costs.

The acquisition of the France cruise ship in the year 1979 which was later renamed and rebuilt as the Norway, laid the foundation stone for the beginning of the era of huge cruise ships that are available today …

There are a variety of other cruises which would suit every other pocket and would make their voyage one of the great memories in their life.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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