January 16, 2018

Jamaica Cruises – A Brief Guide

What is so special about Jamaica cruises? Jamaica, masked in the definite glory of its own pristine beauty, is the true jewel of the Caribbean Sea. Its long white serene beaches set on a background of the Blue Mountains and sunlit skies attract more than a million visitors every year; which is more than half of the total visits to the Caribbean.

A good proportion of these tourists use cruise liners to reach its shores. There are many cruises to Jamaica, catering to different segments of travelers from luxury to budget. These cruises have proved to be quite popular among the tourists as they provide a unique voyaging experience with all their top class services and luxurious facilities. Celebrity, Carnival, Holland-America, Costa and Royal Caribbean are the major cruise liners that operate cruises to Jamaica.

Depending on the kind of cruising experience you are looking for you can choose different cruise liners, eg some like Carnival are known for providing great value for money, whereas a cruise liner like Holland-America is more luxurious and because expensive. The three main ports at which the Jamaica cruises can dock are Montego Bay, Port Antonio or Ocho Rios. Ocho Rio is by far the largest and the busiest and sometimes the most tourist friendly.

The town center is just about 10 minutes walking from the place where the ships dock. Montego Bay is the second largest port city. Here you will find numerous restaurants and bars and also the famous Doctor Cave Beach, known far and wide for its mineral springs which many say have healing powers. Port Antonio is the smallest and most romantic of all with its quite environs and idyllic setting.

Winter time ie the period between December and March end is the busiest season for cruises to Jamaica. This is partly because of its appeal as a sunny destination even during winters that make the tourists from Northern direction flock to Jamaica. Due to the rush during this period the cruises to Jamaica tend to be more expensive in winters. Therefore if you are looking cut corners you might as well opt for a spring or summertime cruise. However keep in mind that it is also the time of infamous hurricanes. All in all with well thought out planning anyone of the Jamaica cruises should be memorable one.

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