January 16, 2018

Relax on a Newport Beach Harbor Cruise

Why not think of spending your dream vacation this year in Newport Beach? This wonderful place in Orange County attracts thousands of people from everywhere.You can arrange for your vacation to include one of its many festivals or avoid the festival times and book a holiday with a Newport Beach harbor cruise that you will remember for the rest of your life. Being of unparallel beauty and stunning scenery, a harbor cruise should definitely be a part of your holiday. Alone, or with friends, you can avail yourself of a dinner dance cruise where you can enjoy a three course dinner on board and sip a glass of champagne while watching the sun go down.

If you prefer a day cruise, no problem; there are several types of cruises you can take around Newport bay by choosing either a 45 minute or 90 minute cruise with a narrator accompanying and explaining everything you see. If you prefer something more laid back, try the one hour sunset cruise or for those who love whale watching there are cruises planned during the months of December and March. There is no lack for crises to suit any type of occasion and those bent on romance can opt for a cruise where you will be plied with chocolates and champagne while the gondolier takes you down the bay on a moonlight adventure.

Not only that, you can even charter a yacht at Newport Harbor to see the spectacular view of the harbor in an old fashioned sailing yacht with all the charm of the 19th century or a speed boat yacht to bring you a glimpse of the intrigue and luxury of the times when smuggling was carried on with great panache. Yacht charters at Newport harbor can be booked for the day or night. If you prefer a longer voyage, a classic cruise on a 160ft sailing yacht for a 6 day cruise visiting Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard can be arranged for most of the year, whereas if you book in winter you will have the pleasure of a cruise in the Caribbean.

For those who can not resist the pleasures and the charms of the sea, sand, and sun with the wind blowing through your hair and the taste of the salty spray on your tongue, there can be no better experience than a vacation at the Newport Beach harbor . It can be a harbor cruise or a chartered yacht to give you a thrilling experience of beauty and class where you are sure to enjoy your vacation be it for a special occasion or just to get away from a stressful life.

Source by Sean Acosta

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