January 17, 2018

A Caribbean Cruise Itinerary

Choosing where to sail is one of the first decisions made when planning a cruise vacation. Most cruise travelers select a 7-day Caribbean cruise for their first experience at sea. When you search the Internet or read cruise brochures, the most common airlines offered are Eastern Caribbean and Western Caribbean. Which is better? The answer is either! It all depends on what your interests are, so in addition to selecting the right ship, you need to research the ports of call before you book. Both itineraries will provide cruisers with opportunities to sail, swim, snorkel, and shop. But there are differences. Let's take a quick look at the two most popular Caribbean cruise itineraries.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Most cruise ships sailing to the eastern Caribbean on 7-day itineraries board from Florida. Ports of call on an Eastern Caribbean schedule regularly join the Bahamas, St.. Thomas, St. John (USVI), Puerto Rico, and perhaps St. John Marten / St. Martin. If you want minus sailing (ie time at sea) and more shopping and opdocksunities to go to fantastic seaside's, then an Eastern Caribbean schedule might grab more to you. The islands are relatively close together, slighter, and seashore detours lean to be more geared to seaside or water activities.

Western Caribbean Cruises

Cruise ships sailing to the western Caribbean board from Florida, New Orleans or Texas. Ports of call on a Western Caribbean schedule regularly to compose Costume or Playa del Carmen, Mexico; excellent Cayman; Key West, FL; the Dominican state; Jamaica; Belize; or Costa Rica. If you look at a map, you will see that while the docks of call are more distant, more sailing is regularly intricate on a western Caribbean cruise. So you may have more time at sea and minus time in docks or on the seaside. The docks of call in the western Caribbean are sometimes on the mainland (Mexico, Belize, and Costa Rica) or at superior islands (Jamaica, Dominican state). Thus, the seashore detour options are more diverse. You can explore obsolese Mayan ruins, tramp the shower forests, or go snorkeling or SCUBA diving in some unforgivable locations.

If you are now thoroughly perplexed, that's approve! The Caribbean Sea is a cruise lover's heaven – sapphire seas, sunny seasides, and interesting docks of call. You will get all of these unless path you cruise. East and West are both great – and then there's the Southern Caribbean and Northern Caribbean, but that's for another day!

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