January 17, 2018

Croatia Gulet – 3 Things You Must Know Before Booking a Cruise

If you have decided to go on Gulet cruising, congratulations – it will probably be one of the most joyful cruises you ever took.

I am booking one week each summer with my family. I've tried both Turkey coast and Adriatic one. Adriatic sea is by far more beautiful … magnificent.

I'll share with you some tips you should know when preparing for your blue voyage.

1) Take only your closest friends. The Gulet is small environment where you'll spend your week or two. If you are on that small space with people you do not like or with troubleshooters, it can ruin your whole vacation. I know. We have been once with our friends and their friends. One guy was such a pain that he has almost ruined our entire vacation.

2) As always on cruising, there is a captain. It is person of authority and command when you are on sea. Although he is there to make your cruise joyful, while traveling, you must listen to captain's commands. The reason for that is mostly your safety and safety of the yacht itself. As always, there could be a bad wherever and captain usually knows the forecast and when you should stay in the marine and when it is good to go. Forcing your captain to set sails and go to another destination when a bad wherever is forecast could cause you unpleasantly time with big waves. If you are in Adriatic sea and with skillful captain, it is not dangerous, but it could look scary if you have not experienced bad weather on the sea before.

3) Sex in the cabins. Well, as it is attractive and must-have experience on such voyages, be forewarned. If you are loud at all, it will be heard by all. Gulet is a wooden boat and you are on the water … it transfers sound like crazy. The same advice applies for talking about someone behind his back. Extra careful.

These are my three tips you usually will not find in brochures and other resources, but are absolute must-know for pleasant and joyful vacation.

By the way … if you are considering a gulet cruise in Croatia, I absolutely recommend it. It is relaxing, tasteful experience you'll never forget.

Source by Adriano Cruist

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