January 17, 2018

Croatia Gulet – How to Pick the BEST and Enjoy Your Cruise the Most

Croatia Gulet Tourism – how to pick the best and have a pleasant vacation

Cruising the Adriatic sea for a week on a wooden beauty is a long-lasting experience.

My first cruise was with my family and with our friends and second cruise was with my business partners. I'll share with you few tips on how to pick the best gulet and ensure a joyful cruise for yourself and your companions.

Step 1 – Make sure you are dealing with a professional – check if they have their website and how professional it is.

Website tells a lot. How they treat their clients, their marketing is how they are treating their gulet and the whole business. Those with nice websites, prompt and intelligent response are far safer bet than contacting some random guy through agency. That's where we come to the second step.

Step 2 – NO AGENCY

Make sure you get a direct website of gulet owner. His direct contact info. Agencies charge up to 20% and owners usually are passing that commission to you as a discount if you contact them directly.

Step 3 – Does crew speak English

– Okay, this one should be obvious, but it is not always like that. I've heard one funny experience from my friend who was on gulet where no one understood a word of English. That's why I suggest you, contact the owner directly and ask for the details. The best case is if the owner himself is a skipper. It means he is personally committed to your pleasant vacation and as owner he will go far beyond what any ordinary skipper would go.

Step 4 – Ask for testimonials

This one is a must. If website has no testimonials, ask for them. If they can not provide you testimonials, do not book them. Simple as that. Check pictures, testimonials and then pick one with the best positive feedback.

Source by Adriano Cruist

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