January 17, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews of Freestyle Cruising

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews of Freestyle cruising can help you to understand this new concept. Just a few years ago, Norwegian had ships such as The Norway that were all about tradition and formality. The Norway was a dying breed and had its farewell season in 2001, although it still cruised for a few years after that. Now Norwegian is trying to capture a broader passenger base.

Traditional aspects still remain.

One passenger traveled on the Norwegian Dawn, one of Norwegians newer ships. There was a focus on art all through the ship. Rather than using contemporary artists, the Norwegian Dawn's art staff opted for work of master artists. From Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, this is not the kind of art you usually see on a cruise ship. However, it does go along with emphasizing the luxurious feeling of days gone by.

The woodwork and metals are made with the highest quality workmanship and materials. It gives you the feeling that you are in a well-kept mansion or grand hotel lobby. Nowhere in the public areas will you find less than top quality visual effects that signify a privileged life.

Freestyle Cruising

Cruise lines used to schedule nearly every minute of every day, including where and when to eat. Norwegian wanted to set itself apart by offering a way for passengers to have more choices in how they spend their time. This was a wise move for them because Americans are very inclined to go where they have the most freedom. It is a part of our national spirit.

One of the largest changes in the way things are done is in the dining arrangements. No longer do you have to dine in the seat, at the table, with the people, at the hour you are assigned. There are many choices of where to eat. All the different restaurants have different choices of what kinds of foods you like to eat and how formal you like to get. They are open for long periods of time, and with all these variables, you should be able to find a seat in one of them with no problem.

On older ships, and many ships of other lines, people had to get off the ship only when the cruise personnel allowed them to. With Freestyle cruising, you can still get off the ship later if you miss the time when other passengers debark. It keeps you from missing out on seeing the ports of call just because you are a little late.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews are filled with information about the Freestyle cruising concept, along with other aspects of the voyages. If you can take some time to find out about this new type of cruise vacation, you may learn that it is just what you want.

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