January 18, 2018

Caribbean Cruises, Cruise Lines, and Excursions: Pick Me! Pick Me!

With so many cruise options today, how do you know what to pick? Here's some information about the different options. Think about five general categories of cruises.

  • Short cruises to no where. Forty-eight hour to three day cruises focus on events and activities on the ship itself. The goal is hours of on board fun. Carnival cruise lines championed this concept. Royal Caribbean offers plenty of 3-4 day cruises to the Bahamas, Baja, Mexico and the western Caribbean. Disney offers a three-day cruise that takes you to their private island, Castaway Cay. These can be great fun weekends, or inexpensive introductions to cruising.
  • Casual, "you choose" cruising . These cruises feature limited dress code, no formal dinners, open eating times, a "come as you please" atmosphere. Norwegian cruise lines and Princess cruise lines offer many of these types of cruises. Plenty of fun excursions are available in the different ports of call.
  • Family cruising . Cruising is not just for couples anymore. Cruises have become popular among families, whether you are a single parent or multigenerational. You can decide to spend time together and when to spend time apart. Kid's camps and teenage clubs allow time for grownups to be grownups. Many cruise lines offer babysitting service so you can enjoy the nightlife as well. The Disney cruise line is best known for this, but all the major cruise lines offer kid friendly cruises.
  • Romantic, old fashioned cruises . These are traditional cruises, complete with formal dress, Captain's Dinners, cocktail hours and assigned seats and seating times. These cruises are the quiet romantic cruises of old. Usually the smaller ships in any of the major cruise lines offer these types of amenities. Crystal cruise line is known for the smaller luxury cruise. Activities and excursions at the various ports of call are a large feature of these cruises.
  • Sailing cruise. Windstar offers "under sail" cruises. (They have motors for backup). These cruises feature small ships and more exotic ports.
  • You can explore all these options online. Make your plans now for the cruise that is perfect for you. There will be smooth seas ahead!

    Source by Elaine Lince

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