January 18, 2018

Cruise Tips and Tricks Guaranteed to Save You Money While Cruising

Let me share some effective cruise tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your vacation without spending a fortune. Cruise lines actually like it that you have no idea as a first time cruiser how the cruise line system works but I will teach you how you can outsmart them at the end of this article but first read some cruise tips and tricks.

Drinks – This is a serious revenue generator for cruise lines and they will do their best to make sure that you take lots of them on board. Here are some tips:

  • It's less expensive if you get a six-pack of beer from room service than order one from the bar
  • If you're thinking about getting a drink pass then make an estimate of how much you're going to drink
  • Soda packages for children is generally worth the price
  • Take advantage of the free cocktail hours inside the ship
  • Do not get carried away in taking after dinner shots because they're just trying to inflate your bill

Specialty Restaurants and Private Decks – If you need some private time, then it's recommended to spend a little more on a cabin with a balcony (this will also get you a better table in the dining area). When it comes to specialty restaurants, you can wait for a few days and ask other passengers if it's really worth it.

Shore Excursions – Make sure to do a lot of research when it comes to choosing shore excursions. One effective way is to visit cruise forums and check out some of the discussions. One very important thing that you have to remember is to get back at the port with plenty of time before the ship sails because they will not wait for you.

Shopping – Do not get too impulsive when buying souvenirs inside a cruise ship. Lots of the items in shops are very overpriced and you're not really sure if every item is worth it. Usually cruise lines have discounts during the last day of the trip.

Casino – Discipline is the key here. Set a pre-determined amount and make sure you're ready to leave when you're capital is gone.

Internet and Cell Phone Rates – Wait until you're on a port if you want to use your cell phone. Cell phone rates are through the roof when you're on board. Same thing with Internet access. Internet connection is much faster and cheaper on ports.

Photos – If you have your own camera, then you can just ask other passengers to take your photos. Cruise lines charge the same for every shot taken and not for the number of people.

Art Auction – Unless you do not know what to do with your money, I suggest you stay away from art auctions. This is just one of their ideas to milk money from passengers.

Spa Treatments – Just say no when you hear a sales pitch but be sure to check out the ship's program for special deals on spas.

Source by David Erskine

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