January 18, 2018

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line (DCL) is one of the most family oriented cruises ever! It is the first in the industry to be designed and built as an "All" family cruise line, with the goal of accommodating parents and young children alike. One thing that proves such a statement is that there are no casinos on bored, as with other modern day cruise ships.

Disney is new to the cruising industry compared to other companies (still in service) founded in the 60's and 70's. Disney Cruises was founded in 1995 when the company ordered its' first ship and began service in 1998.

DCL has only has two ships, The Disney Magic was the first ship to sail. DCL's ship named Magic was built by Fincantieri, an Italian ship builder. One year later its' sister ship, DCL Wonder, was built by the same company.

Each ship looks alike and they are, however, there is slightly different lay out on the side of each ship. Both Ships have 875 state rooms.

Unlike other ships horns which have a single or two-tone sound, DCL ship's plays a seven-note melody from the song "When You Wish Upon A Star."

DCL's most famous port of call is its own private island Castaway Cay, located off the coast of the Bahamas. DCL is said to have spent $ 25,000,000 USD on developing the island. Only 55 of the 1000+ acres are currently developed. Castaway Cay is made to look like an old ship wreck. You can snorkel, dive, take bike rides, lie on the beach, swim, eat and shop on Castaway Cay, just as you would at any other Disney Park.

Discover the MAGIC and the WONDER of Disney Cruises! ~ Anthony Benjamin ~.

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