January 19, 2018

Cruise Ship Ratings

If you are considering going on a vacation in the near future you may want to look into the cruise ship ratios of the cruise line you have your eye on. This is a simple precaution that we recommend everyone take in order to ensure you have the best experience you can find for the money you are spending. This information is typically gathered by averaging the rating of the cruise lines accommodations, restaurants, activity centers and over all service. This is most likely the best way to find an honest and accurate rating because it is typically provided by other people who have been on the ship.

Cruise ship ratings use a number scale or percentage system, depending on which vacation line you are investigating. The higher the number, usually on a one to ten scale, the better the service and experience. If a ship is rated nine for service, but only a three for their dining facilities then you know the employees on the liner will provide you with great service but you may want to consider bringing a paper bagged lunch. If the rating is gauged by percentages, then you will obviously want to look for liners with the highest number as well. Following with this guideline, one hundred percent on an accommodation rating would indicate that specific ship has the most superb hotel rooms and service in the room a person could ever ask for! All that this would be ideal, such high numbers should not be expected as anyone may have a bad experience anywhere at anytime and this does not mean it was necessarily the liners fault.

Finding this information is as easy as typing "cruise ship ratings" into your favorite search engine online. Most liners will post a guestbook on their website as well which allows previous guests of the ship to add their comments in reference to their personal experiences and the opinions that they have about the service. This is typically the best way to get a fair judgment on a cruise ship, however keep an open mind when reading other vacationer's posts. Sometimes, if one tiny event happened that did not please the traveler, they may blow it out of proportion and give the liner horrible feedback.

After you have found a reputable cruise ship and determined this is your best option, go ahead and book your trip to ensure your place on the liner is reserved. Your next step is to pack your bags, go on your vacation and enjoy yourself! If you have time, feel free to visit the liners website yourself when you return home and add your input as well!

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