January 19, 2018

Free Luxury Cruise Vacations – Anyone

Do you love taking a cruise? If so, then how about a free cruise vacation? Yes … how would an all expenses paid cruise vacation sound to you?

And the good news is that may be possible … all you would have to do is organize a large group of cruisers. Something that may be easy if you have excellent networking skills and some charm as well …

There are a plethora of non-profits, several fan clubs, senior citizens and other groups of people with common interests. Organizing a group cruise vacation of several dozen people may be a fun thing to do, and doing so maybe fetch you a free, all expired paid cruise vacation (note: cruise lines may have specific policies regarding this and you might want to check with individual cruise lines for the details).

If you are the leader of a large group of people, then cruise lines may offer you free accommodation, on-board meals, on-board entertainment and more. The range of discounts available to you may depend on the number of people in your group.

But organizing a large group of people is not the only way to obtain a free cruise vacation. There is yet another way to get substantial discounts on your cruise travel …

If you are very well versed in history, arts, dance or computers and are willing to assist as an instructor on-board the cruise ship, then you may enjoy basic discounts on your cruise or even get to travel for free …

Most such instructional courses on board a cruise ship are designed according to the destinations or the itinerary of the cruise ship. For instance, if you are going on a cruise to Russia, then lectures on-board may be on Russian history and so on …

But that is not all – if you are the perfect gentleman with impossible menners around ladies, then you can be a gentleman host.

Cruise vacations can be a lot of fun and you can use your talents and abilities along with a bit of creativity and imagination to get substantial discounts on luxury cruises.

Source by Guru Bhakt

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