January 20, 2018

Getting Married On A Cruise – Things To Consider

Weddings at sea can be the most romantic way of holding an event. Imagine getting married by a uniformed captain in the middle of the sea or under a palm tree on some Caribbean island.

And the good part is that weddings on a cruise ship are necessarily small, so you don’t have to worry about who will bring Great Aunt Maurice to the wedding, etc.

But the fact is that planning a cruise wedding is entirely different from a land wedding and involves some logistical challenges. You need to figure out how to get a proper marriage license in Jamaica or think of the second plan if there are some technical issues that cause your ship to call off the port visit on your wedding day. Here are some things you must consider if you are planning to get married on a cruise ship.

Decide Who Will Perform The Ceremony

The whole idea of getting married at sea sounds fun, getting married by a captain is surely exciting, but it also limits your choices of cruise lines since every ship is registered with a different country having its one legal restrictions. There are not a lot of cruise ships that allow the captains to marry their passengers, so before getting all excited about the marriage on the cruise be sure to check it with the ship if it allows any such thing.

Decided Where You Want To Get Married?

Getting married in a foreign country while your ship is docked at the port can be pretty tricky. Every country has different laws, some prohibit the cruisers from getting married at port unless they are planning a residency there or that their parents or grandparents were married there.

Ask About Any Extra Requirements

Regardless of where you are planning to get married, you will need to register for your marriage beforehand so make sure that you make these arrangements in advance.

Decide Whether You Want To Pay Extra Charges For Peak Season

Getting married on a cruise ship is becoming trendy these days, and since it has gained popularity some cruise lines now charge extra fees for getting married in peak “wedding season” which is normally between mid-April and September, as well as on special days like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. So it’s best that you also consider this factor and plan your wedding accordingly if you can make your wedding dates flexible.

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