January 20, 2018

Wedding Cruises

Cruises are becoming a popular way to get married and they offer a unique romantic celebration. A wedding cruise allows you to have your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and honeymoon at sea. There are many details to consider to make sure the wedding is flawless. Make sure to match the ship to suit your tastes. Not all ships can offer on board weddings. Captains of Coral ships, Grand Class ships, and Princess Diamond ships can conduct wedding ceremonies on the ship.

The crew usually takes on the difficult task of planning the wedding on your behalf for a starting price of $ 800.00. There is top of the line dining and great attention given to detail in your wedding package. Some couples have their wedding on the cruise ship but some will have the wedding planned while they are onshore. No matter what you choose the staff will take care of the wedding planning. It will include the wedding cake, drinks, music, photography, and flowers. If your guests have any allergies or dietary needs make sure to include that into your planning. You can invite your friends and relatives to witness the ceremony. Then, you will be off to your honeymoon cruise.

Carnival offers a package that can accommodate about ten individuals. There are also more expensive packages if you want more guests. The cost would generally depend on your requirements as well as the number of guests you have. There are some ships that offer to help you to get your honeymoon cruise. If you consider getting married on a cruise and you will have the best memories for the rest of your life. Choose wisely and you will have a perfect wedding.

Source by Julia Wheeler

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