January 21, 2018

Carnival Cruise Line Room Upgrades – 5 Excellent Tips to Ask For a Cruise Upgrade

You might think that getting some Carnival Cruise Line room upgrades can also increase the satisfaction of your vacation, but relying on an upgrade is never a good idea for an awesome cruise experience. There are various ways on how you can increase the chances of an upgrade but the trick is to find the best deal for your money.

First, listen here very carefully – There are some critical information that the cruise lines are hiding from you. You have no idea how their system really works and they’re taking advantage of you. I’ll show you how you can outsmart them and save thousands of dollars on your trip at the end of this article but first let’s discuss how to approach the Carnival Cruise Line room upgrades.

Carnival lines basically has five types of cabins:

  • Interior – These are the most basic and smallest cabins. It has basic facilities and it’s perfect for budget conscious passengers.
  • Ocean view – Watch how magnificent the ocean is during your cruise through the windows or portholes.
  • Balcony – The interiors inside can be quite luxurious making it a more relaxing environment and usually you can find a small table with chairs.
  • Suite – These are bigger than the others and have an individual sitting section and a private balcony.
  • Penthouse – These are the most lavish and biggest cabins inside Carnival. They have closets and bath tubs not found in other cabins.

Inexperienced cruisers think that a cabin upgrade is paying for a cheap interior cabin then just like magic they’re going to be upgraded to a more luxurious room. While this scenario is possible, the upgrade is usually going to be in the same cabin category but in a higher position. While the room upgrades are never really assured, there are many techniques that passengers can use to increase their chances of being upgraded.

  • Travel agent promos – Ask your cruise travel agent for some cruise cabin upgrade deals. They may give you a cheaper cruise fare with a guaranteed cabin upgrade to a more luxurious cabin.
  • Past guest promos – If you’ve been cruising at Carnival frequently then you have more chances of getting a cabin upgrade with their past guest discounts.
  • Guarantee cabins – You are not going to be assigned a room number when you book a guaranteed cabin. With that you can be flexible with your cabin assignments and have bigger chances for an upgrade. They are the cheapest cabins but you can be assigned to a cabin that’s more expensive without the need to pay extra.
  • Upgrade inquiry – You can go to the pursers desk during embarkation and ask if there’s any available empty cabins.
  • Quick price changes – If the cruise price is reduced after your reservations then you’re qualified for an upgrade. There are many different options but asking for an upgrade will lead to more savings.

Source by David Erskine

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