January 21, 2018

Cruises Best Deals

First of all, some important notes. I am speaking on a wide topic, cruising is famous worldwide and many European destinations like the Mediterranean sea will bring a lot of people on the boats. In any case, I am focusing specifically in cruises best deals in America, particularly on the Bahamas zone, as they are probably some of the most attractive globally from a touristic point of view.

There are basically 3 options you can use in order to get cruises best deals. The first one is the one for the losers, and it consists in browsing several search engines and take the option that appears in first place. Sure, it will be the best of the standard published rates, but there is no reason to write an article about how to do a couple of clicks in a search engine, and for doing it like this could be paying more than the double of the price that other customers are paying.

The second option to get cruises best deals is the intermediate one, and is the one that consist in looking at several places to find out specifically discounted travel deals. There are many places where you can do that, but one that puts all of them together in one single search is TravelZoo. They have a top20 list for hotels, airfares, and also one for the cruises best deals, etc, and you can even subscribe in order to receive the best 20 deals from your country once a week.

Taking a look at their offers, for example, I can today find a 7-night Caribbean cruise in January for just 399 dollars, which sounds like a pretty good option compared to the normal fares.

In any case, it exist also a third way, the one for the most intelligent ones, and it is to use places that thank your purchases with travel certificates. There are many places where you can get cruises best deals using this system, but one of the best is an internet free to join shopping mall where you will be able to buy for an amount of $ 150 during one month and then you will receive a free cruise prize for 2 persons for 2 nights to Bahamas. If we include port taxes, redemption fees, etc, the amount you will save in this way is an 80% compared to the published fares.

And, the golden question: Do I need to spend $ 150 in shopping? That's a lot is not it? And what about if I Do not have anything to spend this money in? I have the answer for you. As one of the places included in this shopping mall is SkyAuction, simply buy your plane tickets there to Ft Lauderdale and as the cost of the tickets will be more than $ 150 probably, you automatically have the prize. An easy and intelligent solution to get cruises best deals, I must say! What a shame that I'm not American!

Source by Dani Alonso

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