January 21, 2018

Disney Cruise for Kids

Going on a cruise but can not decide yet what cruise line to take? I know you've been gathering info about different cruise lines so you can choose only the best cruise. Disney cruise is one of your choices but you have many questions in mind. You've been listening a lot laTely about it, positive and negative.

Well, I can help you decide. I have few info that will satisfy your questions. You must be a parent who wants to give the best vacation for his kids. Are you worried about the safety and security of the kids while on board? Worry not because the crew and staff maintained the ship in its very good condition to keep the cruisers happy.

Disney has adult areas and kid areas. If you check your kids into a kids program, you can be alone with your spouse. The Oceaneers Club (ages 4-7) and Oceaneers Lab (ages 8-12) for the children are fantastic. There are also tons of activities that the 3 of you can do together.

Disney cruise will also let kids meet the Disney characters and get signatures from them. Some kids prefer to meet characters than involving to kiddy programs.

There are a lot of activities for couples too. If you've been thinking that Disney is for kids only, well you are wrong. You can have a perfect time with your partner by having a formal dinner at Palo restaurant and having a great time swimming at their adult pool. The adult pool has a wide space and yet only a few people spend time there.

Disney has a very good track record regarding safety, but I do not know if their ships have been completely safe from norovirus outbreaks; I suspect they have not.

If you are questioning about the cleanliness of the ship ,, crew members dispensed hand sanitizer to every guest as they entered each restaurant, as well as to the kids at every Ocean Club / Lab visit. Good sanitation is still your best defense.

Source by Patrik Bushman

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