January 21, 2018

Getting the Best Last Minute Cruise Deals Onboard a Cruise

Last minute cruise deals are offered to the public because a cruise line wishes to fill its ships to the maximum capacity, therefore, justifying the cost of the cruise. These deals can be found during an off peak season when there will be unduly less less passengers wishing to travel and many companies will publish enticing offers to encourage more people to travel. Many of the cruise lines make a practice of offering last minute deals and are well worth looking out for as they do not allow you to experience the vacation of a lifetime but can save you a great deal of money which is always welcome.

One particular advantage to last minute deals is that there is always the possibility of obtaining an upgrade to superior accommodation depending on the ship's occupancy, and best of all it does not cost any extra. The internal cabins on a ship are less expensive to a balanced suite because they do not have windows. If suites are available you may be able to book this type of accommodation for the same price as a less expensive cabin if you are taking up the offer of a last minute deal. The best way to take advantage of this type of deal is to simply ask if they are available.

A cruise ship will always leave port catered and fueled to provide for 100 per cent occupancy. In the event that the ship is not filled to maximum capacity and sails with only 50 percent occupancy the cruise line will lose money because of the excess fuel and obviously much of the catering and perishables will need to be dispensed with, and will absolutely cost the cruise line unsustainable costs. It, therefore, makes sense for cruise lines to offer last minute deals if they find that they are in this situation.

By calling the cruise line directly you will be able to find out if they have any available last minute deals and always ask about the possibility of upgrades. If the cruise line is eager to achieve full occupancy on a particular cruise, they will be amenable to all kinds of deals including free excursions for example. If you are approaching the date when the cruise will be departing and the full occupancy has not yet been achieved by the cruise line, you will be in a great position and may end up with a fantastic deal.

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