January 21, 2018

Information About Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines typically known as Norwegian Caribbean Lines is based at Miami, Florida. Its function is to operate cruise ships. This company started its journey in 1966 and it has one sister company that is NCL America. These sister companies are owned by star cruise and this star cruise company is further owned by Genting group and Apollo Management. Genting group is headquartered in Malaysia and these two companies have 50 percent of the shares.

Norwegian Cruise Lines follows freestyle cruising concept. Normally in cruise there is no free style dining. The seating arrangement in dining room has been already assigned like in a movie hall. You get meals at particular time and even the timings are already set. Also there is a dress code for every meal. But it does not happen in freestyle dining concept which is available. Passengers can select any dining room they like and eat at their own time. There is no restriction on timings. You will be served whenever you want. Even some dining areas are like cafeterias. Passengers can take their trays and select whatever they want to eat. In this cafeteria style dining areas the food is already prepared and you just have to carry what you want to consume. In the main dining room passengers get main meals and there are waiters to serve them. In this area jeans and shorts are not allowed. The most amazing thing is that there is no extra cost for these meals. Everything is according to present American lifestyle.

There are also small restaurants in Norwegian Cruise Lines which provide special food like Asian, French, Japanese or Italian. These restaurants charge for it but it is worth paying some dollars for this delicious food. The quality and presentation of food is so tempting that passengers normally gain around 7 pounds in this week's cruise.

Not only foods but there are many other entertaining activities in this cruise. There is 24 hour entertainment given to passengers. Swimming pool is also a main attraction for the whole day. Not only this, they also take care of your body shape so the ship is equipped with high tech fitness center.

There is also a theater where passengers can find both stand-up comedy and full show revues. You will also find bars, disco and lounge where you can go at night and enjoy drinks and dance.

There is one beautiful and distinct thing that is specialty of Las Vegas. It is casinos. People enjoy the sparkling casino in international waters conversing about Las Vegas.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is a vast cruise line. It contains around 100 modern high tech ships to cruise. The most beautiful and luxurious ship in the fleet is Norwegian Star. In summers it goes on trip to Alaska and in winters to Mexican Riviera.

They have recently bought a new ship named Norwegian Spirit. This ship also goes on trip to Alaska in summers but in winters it crosses the Panama Canal to make a trip to Caribbean in the winter. There are other ships like Norwegian Sun and Dream which cruise to major destinations like Alaska, Hawaii, the Panama Canal and the Caribbean.

They also have other brand new ships like Aloha, Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Majesty which cruise to Hawaii islands, the ports of Florida and the Caribbean and from Houston, Texas through the Caribbean and to the ports of Mexico and Bahamas.

I think by reading this article, you must have added a new dream in the existing list. To enjoy the American lifestyle, a round of Norwegian Cruise Lines is must.

Source by Penelope Saxe

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