January 21, 2018

Mexican Cruises – Exploring Mexican Riviera Cruises

The Mexican Riviera cruise is by far the most popular Mexico cruise destination available and the fourth most popular cruise destination over all. From this alone you can assume that this trip can offer not only the usual excursions, but much more than that. When many people think of Mexico their thoughts go right to the party city of Cancun but there is far more to Mexico than that. On this cruise you will be able to take in a bit of the Mexican history through the amazing archaeological treasure of the Maya world.

You do not have to be a historian or archaeologist to enjoy the scenery and absolutely breathtaking view of the Maya ruins found in the Mexican Riviera. Many people travel across the world to see the ruins of this ancient old civilization and you can experience this through this amazing cruise itinerary. Of course this is not the only activity that draws people’s attention to the Mexican Riviera; you can also enjoy many other unique Mexican cruises activities which include:

– Swimming with the Dolphins

– Visiting La Quebrada which is the famous cliff for diving in Acapulco

– Guided tours of the different cities including Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and more

– Canopy Tours through Puerto Vallarta’s rainforests

– All-Year Round Travels

This is one of the most diverse cruise itineraries today because it makes no difference what time of year you go, you can always expect temperatures between the 70s and 80s and the history this tour offers will be like nothing you have ever seen. There are only a handful of other countries in the world which posses such an intact Maya ruins civilizations for viewing today and Mexico is one of those lucky countries.

You will find that almost every cruise line offers this cruise package, but some offer different lengths of stay and some may not offer year round travel options. This is where it is time to investigate your Mexico cruise options. It can be hard to narrow down the cruise lines at first but if you know what you want and where you want to go it can be easy to customize your itinerary accordingly.

The Mexican Riviera cruise package, no matter how many days you are planning to go for, is very affordable. You will find prices ranging between $400-$1500 depending on the length of your cruise and the room status you choose. You can spend up to $3,000 for the 7 night cruise and suite accommodations but of course this is not necessary for everyone. This is where your personalization and customized features come in handy you can choose your room whether it is interior, ocean view, balcony or suite and the length of your stay from 4 days to 8-10.

Enjoy your time in Mexico and stay for as long as you can because there is so much to see, you don’t want to miss a single detail with this amazing Mexican Riviera cruises package and vacation for the entire family.

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