January 21, 2018

Romantic Cruise Getaways by "Freestyle Cruising"!

Are you looking for a romantic cruise getaway that is less formal and more relaxed – all cruise long? Then "Freestyle Cruising" by Norwegian Cruise Lines may be for you!

Norwegian Cruise Lines has been an innovator in the cruise industry. And the introduction of their patented "Freestyle Cruising" is perhaps their best yet! What is Freestyle cruising? Why would I prefer this concept over the traditional cruise experience?

Romantic "Freestyle" Dining

A romantic getaway aboard a Norwegian cruise ship offers passengers the ultimate in freedom. The cruise ships in Norwegian's fleet are purpose built for the "Freestyle" experience. On these ships, cruisers can decide to dine when they want – each night! Your romantic getaway may include a few late meals and a couple of early evening meals. No more set dining times when you cruise Norwegian.

A romantic cruise aboard a Norwegian ship may take you to a different dining room each night of your getaway – now that's getting away! And you may choose a quiet table for two or sometimes a table for eight to enjoy your fellow passengers' company. With "Freestyle Cruising" it's up to you.

Some of Norwegian's ships have as many as 10 dining rooms to choose from. Each of the dining rooms has a different "feel" and décor. You are sure to find a couple of dining rooms that will appeal to your idea of ​​a romantic cruise.

"Freestyle" Getaways Attire

One "beef" that some male cruisers have- romantic getaway or not – is the need for formal attire during a cruise of a week or longer. Although "Formal Nights" are completely optional on all cruises, not partaking is frowned upon. Not so with "Freestyle Cruising". Clothing aboard the Norwegian cruise ships is always "resort casual" in the evenings. Now, for those romantics that wish to have a formal attire night, Norwegian obliges on their longer cruises by designating one or more dining rooms for the occasion. Again, the romantic cruisers have the freedom to choose – formal or casual.

"Freestyle" Getaway Cruise Service

Because "Freestyle Cruising" offers the romantic vacationers a casual relaxed atmosphere does not mean that the service is relaxed or casual. Norwegian has roughly a 1 to 1 ratio of crewmember to stateroom. This means attention to service for the romantic getaways passengers. You can expect the friendly attentive service that cruises have become well known for. And at the same time, you can focus your attention the task at hand – enjoying the company of your partner in a relaxed, casual, romantic atmosphere.

Other "Freestyle" Getaway Features

Norwegian has all of the usual amenities that cruise ships and cruising have become known for. Romantic cruisers have the option of lounging by the pool, or exercising in the gym. Perhaps a relaxing "hot tub" would bubble away the work stress in preparation for an invigorating – or relaxing – romantic stroll on the evening decks before or after dinner. It's all up to you!

Disembarkation can be a grueling regimen. Not so for romantic cruisers aboard Norwegian ships. "Freestyle Cruising" also means having a relaxed morning of disembarkation with much less regimentation.

As you can see, "Freestyle Cruising" can be a very desirable way to travel for romantic cruise getaways. Freedom to choose where, when and with what you dine. No required formal attire nights. A relaxed last morning aboard ship. And all of this aboard magnificent cruise ships. What more could a romantic getaway offer that Norwegian "Freestyle Cruising" does not afford their guests.

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Source by Brian Schmidt

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