January 21, 2018

Vista Cruise Ships – A New Class of Cruise Ships

Holland America has introduced a new class of sailing ships called the Vista cruise ships. Vista Class refers to the fact that these ships are more luxurious and sophisticated than any ships prior to them. Vista Class ships offer a variety of new features.


The Vista cruise ships have many more ocean view staterooms than most ships do. In fact, 85% of the cabins on one of these ships have a view of the sea. There are verandahs on a full four fifths of those with a view. Only 15% of the cabins are interior cabins with no view. All the staterooms are larger than on ordinary ships.

If you purchase a ticket for one of the Penthouse suites, you will find that it is much bigger than most. It will have a large verandah with an outside dining area and hot tub just for you.

Dining and Entertainment on Vista Class Ships

You will find more variety in dining choices on the Vista ships. The main dining room will be fitted with a bandstand balcony between the two tiers of the room. There will be a fine alternative restaurant that is much larger than you will see on most cruising ships. There are also cafés with a light menu, and the Lido restaurants with everything from pizza to Asian stir fry.

Special effects are keys to many of the entertainment choices on the new Vista ships. The main showroom and the disco will have high-tech lighting and electronic backgrounds that will enhance the shows. The Crow's Nest Lounge is another night spot for travelers.

Interesting Features about the Arcadia

The Arcadia is one of P & O's Vista-type cruise ships. It is an older refitted ship, but it is unique in many ways just as all of these ships are. There are 14 elevators for the passengers. Four of them are glass ones on the exterior of the ship. These four give a ten-deck view of the ocean as you ride up or down in them. This is just a part of the appeal of this new class of sailing ships.

Along the outdoor pool and Jacuzzis, there is an indoor pool with a retractable roof. This is one of the modern features of the Vista Class ships that are new to cruising ships.

Three sees to be an important number, as the atrium raises three levels up in the ship from its floor. The Palladium Theater also has three tiers. These facilities are impressive.

Take a vacation on a Vista class ship and you will enjoy a different experience than you would on standard cruise liners. While they are larger ships, they are definitely more lavish and well-appointed. It is easy to see why these ships are becoming popular.

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