January 22, 2018

Disney Cruise Deal Tips

First and Foremost-Always deal with a professional Cruise Specialist who has access to the latest and greatest Disney Cruise Deals. While this may be logical to most, people like to ask their friends and family, who have been on a cruise. Sometimes that kind of advice can end up costing you more. What is a deal to some, may become an unpleasant experience to others.

Shop around. It helps if you have an idea of ​​pricing before you speak or think about booking online. After you find your best pricing, then contact a professional and ask questions to see if they can beat or at least match the price you have found.

Location-Location-Location! While this is true enough for real estate, we are talking about Cruises. And yes, your cabin can be considered real estate for the time you rent it out. If your cabin is right next to a noisy public place, it does not make for your best option. Not only does the location of your cabin count in cruise deals, but the size of your home away from home also counts. Inside cabins will always be less expensive. Most experienced cruisers already know this. But here is how that plays out. A cabin with a porthole (Ocean view) will come at a bit higher cost than the Inside, and a Verandah (balcony) cabin will be more. Also, there are several cabins on board that have an obstructive view and these would be offered at a reasonable savings. A suite is a much larger cabin that offers amenities that may be important to you but not to your kids. It's all about personal taste.

Magical Rates during peak times. Yes, you can get a deal on Disney cruises but you must be flexible and not travel when the most popular times to travel are to get the best deals. Of course we are talking about Disney Cruise Line and with that most of you will be taking along the kids. And most kids are in school and tend to get holidays off. Well then my advice to you is, expect to pay top dollar and book as early as possible. But for those of you with little ones not yet in school and can travel during peak times such as January, early February, May, late August-October, and even parts of November and December, excluding holiday weeks and can book your cruise at least 3-6 months in advance can get yourself a good deal on a Disney cruise.

Shipboard credits-this can give you money to spend anywhere on the ship and is definitely a good value perk. At times there may be a special on certain sailings that offers a $ 50 per cabin ship board credit. These are subject to availability and must be booked within a given time frame. So take advantage of shipboard credits when they are available.

Florida resident and military discounts can be a great savings for you. Be sure to ask your Cruise Agent about this as these discounts are subject to availability.

For those of you who are considering a Land and Sea Package- This means that you will spend part of your time on the Disney Cruise and the other part at Disney World. Sometimes it ends up costing less to book these as two separate vacations. Have your Cruise Specialist figure out the cost both ways to see which would work out to be the better deal. Most times it is actually less expensive to book these separately.

For a family of 5, there is a special cost saving tip for you. You have an option of booking into a more expensive Category 4 which is a Deluxe Family Stateroom or you could get two connecting Category 9 (Ocean view) or Category 10 (Inside). You'd be saving money by booking 2 connecting cabins in the lower category, while enjoying two full bathrooms and more privacy.

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