January 22, 2018

Leadership – Cruising on Course

In life we ​​have heard, "we lead by example." So what example do you lead with? Struggling to attain success in your personal and business life? The word leadership is made of two words, leader and ship. You are the captain of a ship.

I have had the luxury of going on cruises and the first ship I saw, left me bewildered. I did not know entirely what to expect. When we arrived I was taken back. I was dwarfed by the size of this vessel. How something that large could float was beyond me. This was a small city on the water.

Just as the ship was to me, you can be to the world. Your potential and your ability to lead can bewilder people if you use it right.

What would have happened if there were no captain at the helm of the ship and they turned the engine on and let it go. If we would have gotten out of the harbor at all we would have ended up a drift at sea. Luckily the captain was on duty to take us on our 7 day journey to paradise.

You are a leader whether you are an entry level sales person or the president of the company. So how are you leading? Are you demeaning to those below you?

Do you show appreciation to your employees? I have seen business owners and management try to use fear to motivate their people. This may work for a time, but will not work all the time. You need to realize that if you treat people with respect and dignity they will stay with you as long as you want.

I do believe that positions demand respect, but personalities earn it. You may hold a position of respect, but if you really want to foster a sense of loyalty you need to treat your crew as you would want to be treated!

If you have a goal or destination in mind, you will reach it faster and in a more pleasant manner if you are a positive and rewarding individual. Be a leader not a boss. We call it leadership not boss ship.

Stay tuned for some practical things you can do to create a positive working environment.

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