January 22, 2018

Panama Canal Cruises – Taking A Panama Cruise Tour

Panama is one of the most exotic countries with constant cruise destinations and ports because of its many different attractions and of course the gorgeous Panama Canal. When you choose Panama as your cruise destination, there are several different ports you can leave from and different destinations within your cruise you can stop at. It can take some time choosing the destinations you are interested in visiting, and each cruise line offers different routes and ports for your cruise package.

First and foremost is the Panama Canal cruise package. This is by far the most popular Panama cruise tour package because you literally have the opportunity to travel from coast to coast and right through the famous Panama Canal. You can choose to depart from several different ports for this cruise package including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and New Orleans to name the most popular department ports. This makes it incredibly accessible and easy for anyone in the USA to take advantage of this once in a lifetime Panama Canal cruise package.

Not only will you be able to see the Panama Canal at an exceptional view point but you will also be able to view and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Each beach is only a few minutes drive from Panama City, which makes enjoying the beach life and city life of Panama during your cruise activities and days extremely easy. El Palmar is one of the most popular beaches for those of you looking to do water excursions during your free time in Panama, as it offers the most ideal water conditions.

The Panama Canal cruise six immense locks literally raise the cruise ship from sea level up 85feet then gently lower it, sometimes with only inches to spare on each side. This is an experience everyone should enjoy once in their lifetime as it is unique and almost incomparable! As Panama is so far from the USA, you will find the shortest and average length of a Panama Cruise is generally 10-15 days. When you are traveling from coast to coast like this it takes time, this is one of the longest cruise ship tours created today.

What is great about the Panama Canal cruise is your ability to choose whether you are looking for a round-trip cruise or you can simply choose to take the cruise to Panama and then stay there for your vacation and fly home. This type of cruise offers so many different customizable features and destinations that you can literally create the cruise vacation of your dreams through your preferred cruise line.

Take your time planning your Panama Canal cruise and consider the aid of a travel professional to help make sure you have covered every detail and have created the trip of your dreams so when you leave, there is nothing to worry about. Panama is a beautiful country and the ability to see it from all its glory from the ocean and the famous Panama Canal is quite frankly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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