January 23, 2018

A Caribbean Cruise – Conscientious Cruising

Tourism of which the has undoubtedly supplied the Caribbean area with immeasurable benefits. For those culture conscious travelers out there, let’s take a look at both the good and the bad.

On the plus side, the high level of tourism from both America and Europe has provided the Caribbean Islands with a robust economy, in what would otherwise be a much poorer area. At this point, the economies particularly of the larger islands that you would visit on a Caribbean cruise have become dependent on the tourist industry and the diminishing of it would result in recession and hardship for the inhabitants of these countries. The effect of tourism is felt by all on the islands, not just those directly involved in the tourist industry; food production, merchandise, construction, and engineering – all enjoy greater demand and therefore greater rewards as a result of cruises.

However, that is not to say that every cent spent in the area will go to aid those in need. It must always be remembered that a great deal of the larger businesses in any holiday resort will most likely be owned by foreigners, meaning that whilst the workers are being paid the money itself doesn’t stay in the country.

Furthermore, western visitors require a higher level of service and amenity than locals may need, for example shopping centers which are very costly are built in order to facilitate the tourists. On the one hand this creates local employment; however it may also cause a steep decline in business for local traders or restaurateurs.

These are important factors to consider when making your choices about your trips from your Caribbean Cruise – as visitors in a country, we all have the opportunity to help or to hinder; by supporting local business, by getting off the beaten track, the cruise tourist will be able to experience a little of the genuine Caribbean whilst also genuinely contributing.

Source by Brian Janes

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