January 23, 2018

Alaska Cruise Excursions – What to Do at Port Stops

Everyone who is interested in Alaskan cruises knows of the unparallel scenery you witness on this great vacation. The glaciers and crystal clear waters are enough to take our breath away. Not nearly as many people know about the wonderful port excursions that you can find at the various stops on your great vacation. Alaskan cruise excursions, however, are completely different from what you're used to if you're a Caribbean cruise frequenter, and are not for people afraid of the outdoors.

So what ARE they like?

The actual ports you stop at are not terribly exciting; there is very little sightseeing to be done and the towns in and of themselves do not provide much entertainment. However, there is plenty to do at each port outside of the town. Anyone who loves hiking, fishing, whale watching, and glacier trekking will not be bored for a second on their Alaskan cruise excursions

Specific ideas for port excursion:

All cruise lines will stop at the following four ports. The ports you stop at after these original four depend on what route the cruise line your on picks to take.

Juneau: This is possibly the most popular port stop on any Alaskan cruise. While Juneau has all the usual attractions, such as trekking and fishing, they are particularly well known for their unspoiled rainforest which is filled with exotic wildlife.

Ketchikan: Ketchikan's primary attraction is their beautiful Orea beach, which takes you on a scenic walk along coastal forests.

Sitka: Take a walk through the Open bird habitat, get a pass to go to the national park, or even take a jet boat ride across the coastal waters.

Wrangell: The main attraction at Wrangell is similar to Juneau in that they have a long rainforest walk which climaxes at a beautiful one hundred foot waterfall drop.

Regardless of where your cruise takes you from here, almost every port you visit will offer fishing, trekking, and whale watching at the home of the notorious humpback whale.

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