January 23, 2018

How To Find Last Minute Cruise Deals

With the economic conditions of the last couple of years a lot of people are no longer happy with just settling to pay full price for items – including holidays. Today I want to take you through how to find last minute cruise deals so that you can get the best price on your next vacation.

Before we jump straight into where to get your hands on the best last minute cruise deals I guess I should explain what they exactly are and why you will benefit from them.

The problem for the cruise lines is that their product is perishable – just like milk. Once the ship leaves its first port, any empty beds is lost income for them.

So to counter this problem, as it comes closer to the date of departure, if there are a lot of beds still not sold these cruise lines will start to discount the regular prices and offer bonuses as incentives for people to buy these available packages.

If you leave it til the month or two before, you can save a significant amount off the recommended sale price – although you also might miss out because, because the ship might sell out early.

How To Find Last Minute Cruise Deals: The Best Options

You really only have three options when it comes to finding these last minute deals for cruises, and they are:

  1. Travel Agents Your first bet is to visit your local travel agent and ask for the best price on cruises that are departing in the next month or two. You will have a hit and miss relationship with this method – but it is a great way to get some initial prices.
  2. Travel Websites There are a lot of great travel websites available these days and even a few that specialize specifically on cruise packages. But regularly visiting these websites and signing up for their mailing lists, you are sure to stay informed with the best last minute cruise deals.
  3. Contact Cruise Lines Direct Your final option is to contact the cruise lines directly. They all have websites and contact phone numbers so find out what they are offering (so that you have a starting point), and then give them a call to see if they can personally offer you an even better deal. Since you are contacting them direct, they have more bargaining power.

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