January 23, 2018

The 5 Major Types of Cruise Vacations

Did you know that there are broadly 5 major types of cruise vacations and each offer a very different on board atmosphere and a distinct cruise experience? Here is a broad classification of cruise vacations …

Traditional Cruises: As the name implies, this is a vacation where you can expect people to be clad in tuxedos at dinner. And just as in any other place where the dress code is more formal, the atmosphere may be a little subdued compared to other cruise ships. If you are someone who prefers to be in such company, then a traditional cruise may just right for you.

Freestyle Cruising: If you are trifle put off by the idea of ​​having to wear a tuxedo or an elaborate evening dress while on vacation and you would rather be in an environment where you can be as you please with as few restrictions as possible, then maybe you would want to explore this style of cruising.

Short Cruises: Now, if you would like to go cruising but simply can not afford to be away from work for 5 days or for a whole week or more, then you might go on short weekend cruises. There are plenty of weekend cruises available to a range of exciting destinations on fun filled ships. But since since weekend rates are usually higher, you may expect to spend more on weekend cruises. But if you want to go on a cruise and a weekend is all you can spare, then a weekend cruise may be the best option for you.

Sailing Cruise Vacations: As the name follows, you would be sailing – on an actual sailboat. Since sailboats can not be quite as big as the huge cruise liners, these boats are smaller and the environment aboard is more carefree. But apart from the method of propulsion, these ships are equipped with every modern amenity that cruise vacationers have gotten used to. Also, since there are fewer passengers, a sense of bonding may develop among the vacationers more easily.

But there is one other advantage – since sailboats are smaller than the other cruise liners, they can go to places the other giant ships can not. That means there will be a lot fewer fellow vacationers when you get to explore the ports.

Family Cruises: It used to be that cruising was almost an exclusive domain of couples. Not anymore. Modern cruise ships are filled with families with kids who have a great vacation experience together. The gigantic cruise liners are filled to be brim with a mind boggling array of exciting and fun filled on board activities that have to be seen to be believed. Activities like rock climbing, ice skating and more – all in the middle of the ocean!

If you have kids and want to go on a vacation together, then going on a cruise may be a great thing to do as the whole family can have a great deal of fun together from morning till late night, for several days or weeks.

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