January 24, 2018

3 Adults Cruising In An Interior Room On The Carnival Sensation – Is It Comfortable?

The Carnival Sensation was a beautiful ship and we had a wonderful cruise. Some may wonder if they should book a room with more than 2 people and in this article I will tell you what I think after cruising with 3 people. When booking our room we discussed about getting an interior room or paying extra for an ocean view room with a window. We calculated that we would not be spending much time in the room and for our first cruise an interior room would be just fine.

As we entered our room we were not expecting much were relieved that it was not as tiny as thought. I opened the door to a small but very clean and organized space. I would compare this space to a large 16 passenger van not including the bathroom and closet. Closest to the door is the closet and directly across from the closet is the bathroom. The closet was enough room for 4 days worth of clothes and there was a safe inside on one of the shelves to lock your valuable in. The bathroom was bigger than I expected but still small by some standards, equipped with toilet, stand up shower, sink and mirror. During the cruise we each would take our shower and come out of the bathroom to get dressed. Thankfully we are all close and consider ourselves sisters so this did not bother us. There were 2 robes in the closet and only 2 life jackets as well. Later that evening, our room attendant brought an extra robe and jacket.

The room was just enough for the basics. We each took our turn in the bathroom and I made sure we were very organized so that helped tremendously. I do think that having a window to see outside would have made it feel larger and we agreed that for the next cruise, we would at least book an ocean view room. There were 2 comfortable twin sized beds. One was against the furthest wall and the other on the right wall to form an L shape. There was a shelf in the corner under the flat screen television and a desk with mirror beside the closet. The 3rd bed was a foldable cot placed in the corner. There was also a roll-away bed underneath one of the twin beds. I am not sure how things would have worked if we had 4 people and recommend you not book an interior room with 4 adults as the space would be very very tight.

In conclusion, cruising the Carnival Sensation with 3 people turned out good and if we had to do it again, we would. I guess it helps that me and my friends are close like sisters. By the fourth day is when I think we all started to feel the size of the room. This cruise was our first of many to come. We had the most fun of our lives those 4 days. We all agreed that we would not sail with 4 adults in an interior nor ocean view room. Next time we are considering booking a suite so on the lookout for that review as well.

Source by Ninette O

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