January 24, 2018

Bahamas Day Cruises

Bahamas day cruises provide all the luxury and amenities of a long cruise in a single fun-filled day! Most of these cruises include good meals onboard the ship, Las Vegas style casinos, games, live shows, a pool and sun deck, a disco, and much more as part of one great package.

Some Bahamas day cruise packages, like that of the Discovery and others, feature a special Kid's Club for children aged 6-11 years (age range varies). Cabins are also available for sale in these day cruises. However, the package does not need to include port parking fees, transfers, or shipboard gratuities. But no other attraction or sightseeing tour can beat the fun of a Bahamian day cruise that takes you to the very heart of the lovely turquoise sea of ​​the Bahamas.

Most of the trips usually offer unlimited drinks, delicious lunches, and the unique music of the Bahamas. You can also go snorkeling along the beautiful reefs and tour the famous Sea Gardens. The occasional stops at the secluded beaches of the Bahamas are also quite exciting. So the next time you plan a cruise holiday just do not forget that Bahamas day cruises are a real treat. The school holiday periods usually form the busiest times of year for family cruise vacations. This can also be an ideal time for the entire family, because almost everyone will be free from tensions. Those who are looking for the best packages in a day cruise to the Caribbean and / or the Bahamas should check sailing dates in January, late spring or September through early December.

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