January 24, 2018

Is Royal Cruise Matrix For Suckers Or a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

If you have done any research about Working from home with any of the new MLM companies then you have probably come across Royal Cruise Matrix the new 2×3 Matrix associated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Ship "Oasis of the Seas." This new business opportunity is skyrocketing and you can watch the numbers grow by the hour just by logging onto the site.

Like TVI and other popular matrices Royal Cruise Matrix is ​​already growing fast. Jumping on board with RCM are TVI Express members, whether they made money or not with TVI Express, they see the benefits of getting in on an opportunity as quickly as possible, because news of something exciting on the Internet spreads like wildfire. Social media like Twitter, FB and You Tube get word out a Legitimate Business Opportunity overnight.

After being on the internet for while, I did not pay much attention to Royal Cruise Matrix because there is something new every minute of the day. I also am not that fond of Matrixes. But after someone pointed it out to me, the very next morning there is the "Oasis of the Seas" being showcased in the 2nd hour on the Today Show, and it was in Miami Beach, where I happened to live. I had to go see it and there it was in all its glory, the biggest cruise ship ever built! Can you believe I forgot my camera!

Royal Cruise Matrix is ​​associated with "Oasis of the Seas" and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (now known as Royal Caribbean International) a cruise line starting back in the late 1960's. Knowing the Matrix is ​​affiliated with this MEGA SHIP brave me pause, and I decided to dig a little deeper into this online business opportunity!

Royal Cruise Matrix is ​​a direct selling business opportunity. That is when consumer product or services are sold from person to person. Direct selling is used by the most savvy and wealthiest internet marketers in the world today! That is exactly why millionaires like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet have endorsed and become a part of this industry. According to Buffet, "dollar for dollar, it's the best investment I've ever made." Fortune Magazine called the industry, "the best kept secret in the business world."

Let me explain how Royal Cruise Matrix works. To become a Founding Member and reap the rewards of the Matrix you pay your $ 100 up until Jan1. After that it becomes $ 100 a year. If you choose to become a rep you can participate in the Ambassador Matrix. The Ambassador Matrix program is the very 1st 3 Tier Revolving Matrix program. It pays you $ 500 1st time through the cycle. $ 5,000 after you cycle through Tier 2 and $ 25,000 after you cycle through Tier 3 with matching bonuses paid to the sponsor of $ 10,000. All the tiers have an automatic re-entry and it is a true follow your sponsor matrix. When you have a follow-your-sponsor matrix the team works together to push the matrix through. No one is left behind. But if you do not personally sponsor anyone and your goal was to make money then you are leaving a ton of $$ on the table.

The product is the Discounted Cruise Travel. You become a Founding Member for the cost $ 100. Every time you purchase your Luxury Cruise Vacation through a RCM Major Cruise Line affiliate, you will receive 20% Reward Points back to you and placed into your RCM Redemption Account that you can redeem for future FREE Cruise Travel! Once you have accumulated enough Reward points to redeem the TOTAL equivalent cost of a future cruise through a Royal Cruise Matrix representative (which would be yourself if you are an independent seller) your cruise will be FREE.

Matrices have never been my cup of tea. Many times you buy into the fact that there is a one-time payment for a lifetime membership, and usually the cost is low and affordable. One matrix I know of is a one-time cost of $ 7 and after you cycle 3 times you receive $ 480. The real cost is your time, money, sweat and creativity getting the word out. So would you rather work smart and make $ 25K at the end of cycling 3 times and bringing in the same amount of people or $ 480. Your choice. If you are going to going to get in direct sales, might as well make it worth your time and effort.

Royal Cruise Matrix is ​​a legitimate "business opportunity" I know people that are already cycling and making huge money!

Thumbs up to Royal Cruise Matrix. This absolutely has mass appeal, and is duplicable! Newbies, and savvy internet marketers are jumping on board.

INTERESTING FACT: It is not global YET and many people from all over the world are chomping at the bit to sign up for this.

Committed to Your Success.

Source by Gail Morrow

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