January 24, 2018

Save Money on Your Next Cruise

Saving money on your next cruise can be as easy as picking up the phone or clicking send on an email.

Group cruising is the most economic way to cruise. When cabins are booked eight or more at a time, the passengers receive a discounted rate. Group members also receive a significantly lower deposit. Often, the deposits are only $ 25.00 per person. Sometimes groups will receive wonderful perks. They may earn on board credit or gifts. Groups can have parties, meetings, or planned activities. Groups could also be formed of strangers.

Joining a pre-arranged group cruise is the easiest way to cruise. Let someone else do the work for you. They search for the best deals, the most exciting itinerary, and the best ship. They deal with the travel agent and paper work. You forward your information and money. Then, sit back relax and count down the days till your cruise!

Finding a pre-arranged group cruise can also be easy. Do a web search for pre-arranged group cruises. Check all the major cruise forums, groups, and chat rooms. Check Yahoo, Facebook, My Space, and Google personal groups. Larger groups focus on longer more expensive cruises. Personal groups normally plan less expensive and shorter cruises.

Economical and easy vacations, who could ask for more? Avoid the hassle. Enjoy the fun. Cruise with a group. Come sail away with Hightower Cruises. We would like to welcome you and your family to the wonderful world of group cruising. We are looking for individuals, couples, and families to be part of our pre-arranged group cruises. There will be no shared tables, group outings, or name tags. We are just a group of strangers sharing a discounted group rate. It's that simple. Has there ever been a better way to cruise?

Source by Emily Hightower

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