January 24, 2018

Secrets the Cruise Lines Do not Tell You

A cruise ship is a huge, floating city and discovering all of its secrets is almost impossible. Multiply that by the number of ships and the number of companies out there offering cruises, and the complexity of cruise life is staggering. This means that there are plenty of secrets and loopholes that can affect your cruise experience in ways large and small – if you know about them. Here are some of the most useful secrets the cruise lines will not tell you – but can have a big impact on your experience!

Food & Drinks

On many cruise lines, booking a reservation in one of their upscale specialty restaurants on the first night will get you discounts, free bottles of wine or other perks. This is because most people spend the first evening in the main dining room, so the cruise line is happy to encourage dining at their pricier venues!

Most people know that it's cheaper to buy a bottle of wine instead of by the glass – but most do not know that if you do not finish that bottle the crew can mark it with your room number and set it as for you to finish off at your convenience!

Many people leave unused coupons and drink cards tucked in complimentary books found in almost every cruise cabin – so before you buy your own drink card, check any complimentary book in your cabin to see if an angel has left you a gift.

Life on Board

Showering in the free saunas and steam rooms is free, and are usually larger than the one in your cabin, with better towels. It can make getting ready much easier in the mornings if one of you showers outside the cabin.

People often do not get the most out of their cabin. Someone was paid a lot of money to design that cabin – ask for a tour when you arrive and the Cabin Steward will gladly show you hidden storage, hidden power outlets, and other surprising features built into your cabin that most people do not ever use !

Most cruise ships have a channel on the TV that shows a live feed from the bridge camera. If you're in an inside cabin with no windows, use the TV as a virtual window that will pump natural-seeming light into the room and keep you oriented with the sunrise and sunset.

Remember: A vacation is an adventure! Always investigate and you never know what perks you'll never remember!

Source by Larry M Fishkin

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