January 24, 2018

Southern Caribbean Cruises – The Unforgettable Island of Antigua

Established in 1784, by the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson, the small island of Antigua had a complex coastline with safe harbors and a nigh unspoiled coral reef.

Unbeknownst to Admiral Nelson, the very reasons for him establishing a Royal Navy base there were the same reasons that Antigua became one of the Caribbean's premier tourist destinations.

What once made navigation around Antigua treacherous now offers the tourists on their Southern Caribbean cruises an array of secluded powder soft beaches.

The coral reefs, once offering protection from enemies now offer the avid snorkeler and scuba diver a rare opportunity to explore underwater magic.

Antigua, the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands is a mere 14 miles long and only 108 square miles. The mild climate ranges from 70 to 80 degrees all year round and is deemed the sunniest of the Southern Caribbean islands.

If you are planning one of the fabulous Southern Caribbean cruises on offer, do include Antigua if you want to spend time ashore enjoying a myriad activities such as dining at top restaurants, bar hopping, shopping or lying on one of their 365 beaches (yep, one for every day of the year!) while the ever present trade winds and low year-round humidity will present you with your perfect beach experience.

If sport is your poison, then you will certainly get your fill in Antigua with the famous Antigua yacht races, international cricket and out-of-this-world sports fishing.

Antigua is an exclusive, world class destination, unhurried, laid back, hospitable and unique in its history and culture.

Source by H Spencer-Herbst

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