January 24, 2018

Take the Same Cruise Again? You Bet!

You've taken your first (or pending) cruise and are planning your next cruise – but nothing new really jumps out at you. Why not consider repeating a cruise you've taken in the past and absolutely loved?

It's not as crazy as it might seem and to be honest, we've actually taken the same cruise three times!
You already know the ins and outs of the cruse ship, you are familiar with the ports you'll be visiting, and you know from your previous visits to those ports which searches (if any) to take. Do not feel like taking the same excursions – do not!

My wife is a huge sightseer and thrills at the opportunity to get out in the ports and take in as much as possible. For me – not so much, but that does not mean I did not enjoy the visit. For the most part, I had full run of one of the ships pools, the lines for lunch were actually non-existent (ok, and doing laundry was hassle free too).

For the 8 day cruise, I left the ship a grand total of one time – when we rolled back into San Diego! It truly was the most relaxing cruise I've had.

Taking the same cruise for the 2nd time allowed us to be the "family experts" for finally convincing everyone on my wife's side of the family that we should have a family reunion of sorts on a cruise. Having been on the same cruise twice in the past, we knew that, barring any unforeseen problems, everyone would have a spectacular time. It was wonderful receiving daily praise from my in-laws for finding such a "wonderful vacation" experience.

Worried about seeing the same shows and having the same entertainers as on your previous cruise? Let me put those concerns to rest. Most crewmembers and staff are generally rotated to another ship within the company every 6 – 12 months. New shows and entertainment!

So before you abandon your next cruise vacation because new cruises just are not appealing to you – think back on a previous cruise and consider taking that one again. As my brother in law stated on the 3rd day of his very first cruise: "I do not care where we go on our next cruise, heck, we can even take the same cruise for all I care – as long as I'm on a cruise ship! ".

I could not agree more! So go ahead – take that repeat cruise and have more fun the second time around!

Happy cruising!

Source by Craig Watkins

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