January 25, 2018

Caribbean Cruise Packages

Given the air scare in the post 9/11 period, cruises are gradually becoming the most popular mode of traveling these days. And the cruise operators are busy making hay while the sun is shining. They are introducing new and lucrative Caribbean Cruise Packages to lure the cruising public. The best thing about these packages is that you have a host of activities packed into one package.

Be it a luxury package or an economy one, there are some offers which are included in both. For instance, meals and room service are the common features in both types of cruises. The only difference in this aspect is that in a luxury cruise, you will have the choice of gourmet cuisine at every meal and you have your own butler to tend to you.

Shore excursions and certain onboard social activities are included for both types of cruises. The luxury class passengers may enjoy the additional benefits of lavishly decorated suites with their own private balconies, well-stocked bars and state-of-the-art entertainment systems in their suites. They would have access to the multiplexes and discotheques, and are entitled to pickup and drop-off facilities to and fro from the embarkation and disembarkation points.

However, the budget itineraries usually does not pack exotic locales in their schedules. It is usually the luxury voyages that cater to the niche traveler, willing to venture into the unknown and the uncharted. During the lean season, these luxury liners offer heavy discounts on these same luxury packages. During this time, one can hope to save hundreds of dollars per person on these packages and enjoy the amenities of a luxury package. This policy to attract tourists is pursued by even the giant cruise operators, like the Royal Caribbean International and The Yachts of Seabourn.

The Caribbean Cruise Packages are winning benefits from tourists all around the globe, and the cruise operators are leaving no stone unturned to lure them.

Source by Kristy Annely

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