January 25, 2018

Clothes to Take For a Cruise – Cruise Clothing Basics

Understanding what clothes to take for cruise can be a big factor on how you can be comfortable and stylish on your vacation.

Something that you need to be aware of is the luggage restrictions. Granted there are many cruise lines that do not limit the amount of luggage that cruisers may bring on board, you have to keep in mind that cruise cabins do not have huge closets. In addition, if you need to fly to the cruise port then you may encounter some difficulties on the restrictions by the airlines.

No matter how much luggage you bring, it's important that you pack some of the essential clothes and other important necessities in a carry-on bag just in case your other bags get delayed when embarking.

When you're thinking about what clothes to take for a cruise, the main consideration should be the cruise itinerary. Ports that have a tropical climate will need a different attire than an Alaskan trip, and the season of your trip can also determine which clothes are most appropriate. You can always do a quick research online for the suggested attire for each itinerary but when in doubt you can always ask your cruise travel agent.

One set of clothes per day is simply not enough if you want to cruise in style. There are many different activities that you can do on board a cruise ship and you're going to take advantage of everything inside if you're prepared.

Day Wear – Casual clothes are the fundamental for most days during a cruise vacation. Here are some of the things you can wear:

  • Slacks, jeans and shorts (depends on itinerary)
  • Shoes or sandals
  • Swimsuit (carry an extra)
  • T-shirts and other loose clothing
  • Needed undergarments
  • Some casual accessories like sunglasses and hats

Shore Excursions – When going on different ports, the type of activity will determine which attire is appropriate. Let's take a look at the following:

  • Shorts or pants with deep pockets to keep wallet safe
  • Walking shoes that are easy to move along with
  • Fitting and relevant outfit for different places like temples or churches
  • Flexible swimwear for snorkeling, diving or other activities on the water

Evening Wear – Most cruise lines have a basic dress code that passengers must follow when it comes to evening meals. Most cruise lines will not allow the typical casual attire that you wear during the day but there are some that permits this.

Formal nights in cruise ships have a extravagant dress code. Men can wear a dark suit with a tie without he wants to rent out or buy a tuxedo. Keep in mind that tuxedos are not really expected. Women can wear a gown or a cocktail dress, but if you've just attended a wedding then chances are that your wedding attire would be just fine.

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