January 25, 2018

Cruise Travel – How to Find Active Cruises for Seniors

If you're a senior citizen, you're most likely aware of the number of cruise options that are tailor specifically towards the senior market. With cruise lines offering "Golden" Cruises, "Silver" Cruises, and Adults-Only cruises, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options that are geared towards you and your interests.

Unfortunately, it's a bit harder to find adventure or "active" cruises for seniors. To learn about active cruise options for seniors as well as how to get the most out of your active / adventure cruise, keep reading.

Pick a Cruise with "Active" Amenities

Whether or not you're booking a senior-specific cruise, opt for a ship that has a lot of "active" amenities. For example, booking a boat that has on-board golf, tennis, swimming, gym facilities and activities like whale-watching and bird watching will get you on board a ship that's already geared towards your active lifestyle. You're also more likely to meet seniors like you who are interested in active and healthy living.

Look For a Variety of Ports of Call

By booking a cruise with many stops, you'll have access to more shore-side activities, greater sightseeing opportunities and a wider variety of shopping and food options. Most cruises tailor toward the "adventure" or "active" market will offer a variety of shore activities, including low-impact and "senior-friendly" excursions like sea kayaking, scuba diving, easy nature hiking and on-land golf.

Always ask for a Senior's Discount

Most cruise lines offer a senior's discount for travelers over a certain age. Always ask for the senior's rate. You'll save anywhere from 10-50% off the regular rate. A number of cruise lines also offer veteran's rates for veterans and their spouses or families. If you're a former serviceman, do not hesitate to ask for a service special.

Remember to Relax

Most cruise ships offer a spa facility. Especially if you're active, remember to take the time to enjoy and indulge. At an onboard spa, you'll enjoy massages, facials, skin treatments, hair cuts, manicures and a wide variety of other aesthetic options. Do not forget to reserve your spot early.

Finally, cruise ships are one of the safest places to vacation in the entire world. It's an enclosed environment with a carefully screened staff, so you can worry less about the theft or violence. Whether you're vacationing alone or with someone you know, you are sure to have a fun and memorable experience aboard the cruise ship of your choice.

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