January 25, 2018

Cruises for Singles Over 40

If you are looking for an over-40s cruise cruise, you will be glad to know that there are some great options available.

If you have never been on a cruise before, you will be very pleased by the experience. Cruise ships are basically amazing floating hotels. You get to visit multiple countries without having to pack and unpack all the time.

Whether you are cruising in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Arctic Ocean, or elsewhere, you will have an amazing time.

For instance, on the over-40s singles cruise to Alaska sailing from Seattle, this is done on a "Love Boat" cruise ship from Princess. The Golden Princess is called a "city at sea", and for good reason. There are three different show rooms which offer Broadway, Las Vegas and cabaret productions. There is a movie theater, lots of dining choices from restaurants to grills to alternative eateries. It has golf simulators, a virtual reality area, a fine arts gallery, computer and writing rooms, four pools, nine whirlpools, a casino, 17 lounges, and a nightclub.

Especially for the over-40s singles cruises, there are discounts, cocktail parties, mixers, games, group excursions, single-mingle dining, and other activity organized.

But of course you will want to see different countries or places as well. There are special over-40s singles cruises taking you around Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Alaska, Miami, the Caribbean, and elsewhere.

The great thing about traveling with a company dedicated to providing over-40s singles cruises is that you will save money by not having to pay the singles supplement that you would have to pay with a regular tour company. That is an extra charge that you would normally have to incur because you would not be able to split the price with a traveling companion.

In addition, you get to be with a crowd that is a bit more mature, and shares a similar life experience to you, as opposed to the college-aged "Spring Break" mentality. Of course you want to have fun, but some of that mindless college stuff can just get too boring sometimes, especially if you've been there, done that.

Most people go on these cruises alone, but the experience is so enjoyable that friends are made for life. Your vacation becomes so much better when you have the right company with you.

So, if you are looking for cruises for singles over 40, you should be relieved to know that there are excellent options, and if you've never done it before, you will not regret doing it now.

You should really take the opportunity to enjoy this great experience, see new places, and make new friends.

Source by Yaz S. Stone

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