January 25, 2018

Cruises Job – The Pros And Cons Working On A Cruise Ship

A cruise trip has always been a very special and romantic experience. For the passenger is almost a dream but, have you ever wondered what it takes to make that dream possible?

Have you ever seen people who are part of the crew and wondered where they sleep or the kind of life they have on that elegant ship?

A cruises job is not always as good as it seems to be. Just read some pros and cons and judge for yourself if cruises jobs are as sweet as they appear.

Pros of a Cruises Job

Of course, the first thing that everybody would love is the travel. Usually, the employees get contracts from 4 to 12 months. All this time they will be enjoying the world for free.

There’s a different place to discover every day!

The second great thing is that crew members don’t need to worry about the bills. Food and shelter is free for them during the time they work on the ship. Do you get that? No need to worry about electricity, rent or phone and of course no traffic to deal with in order to get to work. How is that for an advantage? And even though a cruises job doesn’t pay that much, you can easily save some good money thanks to these advantages.

And what about the friends you can make? Usually, on a cruise ship, there are employees of many different nationalities. And, thanks to that, crewmembers have the opportunity to know different cultures and share some aspects of each other’s life styles which sometimes help to make friends for life.

Just think, what other job in the world allows you to share your room with someone from other country for a number of months?

Cons of a Cruises Job

Reading how great some aspects of cruises jobs are, it’s difficult to imagine that there are disadvantages in this kind of job. But, as in any other job, there are always downsides.

One of the first problems is homesickness. It doesn’t matter how good your life on a cruise ship may be, you’ll probably get homesick more than once during your time working there.

Being away from family and friends for long periods of time is sometimes too hard for some crewmembers, and it’s even worse for those who are married and have kids.

Also, since a ship might have a limited number of employees, sometimes some crewmembers will have to cover many tasks which could be too tiring.

Crewmembers call these side jobs. These side jobs take most of their free time not allowing them to get off the ship and enjoy the exploration and discovery of the port where they arrive as they would have loved to.

In addition crewmembers have to follow some very strict rules and regulations that are set according to the maritime regulations, and one of those rules is that one third of the crew needs to be available all the time onboard in case of an emergency. For this, crewmembers are chosen by rotation and of course sometimes everybody would love to get off and enjoy the exploration.

In conclusion, all jobs have their “goods” and “bads” depending on how you look at them. As in all phases in life, if you want to get something you will need to give something up too.

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