January 25, 2018

Disney Cruise Activities – What You Can Do On A Disney Cruise

Kids and teens (especially) often rate Disney cruises very highly as a vacation experience, they have much more opportunity to interact with other children their own ages because there are babysitting and hosted activities for youngsters of all ages available near around the clock.

There's always a safe and fun-filled place for the kids while you're enjoying adult activities. Separate areas and activities created for cruisers of every age welcome you to find fun and relaxation in the heart of paradise. Many activities are tied to kids' favorite Disney Characters and stories.

There's a huge video wall with wireless controllers, private listening rooms with video and audio equipment, flat-screen personal computers loaded with "family-safe" software, animation programs and activities you will not find anywhere else. Children have their own games and parties in the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club, teenagers have dances, sporting challenges, and mixers in Common Grounds, and there are also plenty of adult-only activities.

There's not a lot of drinking, gambling, and singles activities, as you might find on many other cruise lines. Kids who love meeting the characters will find that they show up during children's programming activities, appear at character breakfasts and teas, and are in many of the shows. We were impressed with the way the way the cruises "educational" activities engaged the young cruise passengers, two of which were our children, ages 8 and 7.

You must visit the Tropical Rain Shower for completely decadent spa treatments for one of your "adult vacation" onboard activities. Your kids can enjoy the best entertainment and activities available in the Oceaneer's Club and Lab while you get pampered. The teens love the 24×7 pizza and ice cream, dancing and other activities.

Aboard the Disney Magic or the Disney Wonder, specifically designed areas and activities Let families play together and separately, creating magical memories that last a lifetime. Just check them into youth activities with trained counselors. I thought I would be leery about letting my children go to the activities without me, but once I got on board I let go of my worries and had a wonderful time!

Castaway Cay is a private island owned by Disney that has gorgeous white sandy beaches and is filled with a plethora of activities for kids and adults alike. YOu can climb the ropes of the aquatic playground, swim and snorkel in the sparkling sea, play volleyball on the shore or in the water – there are more family activities than you can count at this glorious, fun-filled beach.

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