January 25, 2018

Eating Vegan on Cruises

Vegans may be uncertain about whether or not a cruise is a good idea for them! Will they find something suitable to eat aboard the ship? As it turns out, several cruise lines have a vegan menu. Others have a vegetarian menu with a few vegan selections. Some cruise lines will create individual vegan meals for travelers, if they call the cruise company in advance or speak to the cruise director on board upon arrival. Some cruise companies will arrange for your vegan meal and enter it into their computer system when you book the trip by phone. They may arrange for you to meet with the ship's chef during your journey, so that he can create a vegan meal specifically for you, according to your diet concerns. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Celebrity cruises do offer vegan menus.

Then there is the matter of the ship's buffet stations. They usually do have some vegetable vegetables, fruit, and salad options. Vegans may speak to the chef behind the buffet stations to ask if he will prepare a vegan version of an item in the buffet, such as a vegetable dish made with olive oil instead of sauteed in butter. Some chefs will indeed cater to your request.

Certain cruise lines will prepare a special, boxed lunch for particular diet needs (such as vegan) for shore excursions. This may be required in the Caribbean where there are not many vegan restaurants.

Several cruise lines have their own Caribbean island where they host a beach BBQ party for their guests. They typically prepare some vegetable items for these activities.

In summary, there are quite a few cruise lines that will prepare vegan meals. The important thing is to call in advance and ask the specific company what their policy is for vegan diners!

Source by Maria Giurcan

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