January 25, 2018

North America & the Caribbean Cruise Areas

Amongst the top spots in Alaska, the Inside Passage, the Glaciers and the Bering Sea are the ones which contain hidden treasures such as massive glaciers, waterways, Eskimo settlements near the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands respectively. On board activities to warm you up are always available in the cruises.

New England and Canada
Depending on the traveller preferences, cruises can include Ireland, Iceland and Maritime Canada. The usual destinations are Montreal, Nova Scotia, Quebec and New England. Fully equipped cruises with a wide variety of facilities cruise these waters so that holidaymakers can enjoy before getting to the ports.

With two basic alternatives, Hawaii is one not to be missed. Start from Honolulu, go around the other Polynesian islands and get back to the most populated island takes around seven days. Other choices would leave from Vancouver, San Diego or LA. The longest cruise would take almost two weeks from mainland, taking few of those days to get to Hawaii. Visit the big Island and look at the volcanic formations, enjoy luxurious Oahu and Maui full of resorts and beautiful beaches.

The Bahamas
With around seven hundred islands to visit, the Bahamas region is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists. Do not miss the chance to visit the Grand Island or do some shopping in the Freeport Harbor. Spectacular sandy beaches where one can enjoy water sports and other marine related activities, and luxurious hotels and villas to have the time of the life.

Most of the cruises leave from Miami and take around seven days, though there is a large variety of other US ports one can take a cruise from. This popular zone is divided into three areas, Western Caribbean including Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, South Florida and the Keys, Jamaica and Grand Cayman. The Eastern Caribbean compromise Puerto Rico, Leeward and the Virgin islands. And finally the Southern Caribbean which covers Martinique, St Lucia, Dominica and Grenadines also passing by Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and Curacao.

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