January 25, 2018

Spectacular Fleet by Norwegian Cruise Lines

The Norwegian Dawn is the first ship to be introduced by the Norwegian Cruise Lines. It is sparkling white and gigantic in size. If you can imagine a palace sailing across the deep blue waters of the sea then this is what we are talking about. The Norwegian Dawn looks like a royal castle gliding gracefully over the deep blue waters. It consist of spacious staterooms, restaurants that offer the best kind of food, gym centers, and lovely aroma-spotted spa centers along with children centers for all sorts of travelers. Its trademark sign is the Statue of Liberty on its hull. With its very own jogging track and gymnasium, the Norwegian Dawn never fails to impress its passengers. The restaurants, epic theater center and other attractions make it absolutely irresistible. Constructed in such a way that the ship looks like a castle, the entire Norwegian Dawn comes across as a completely royal experience. If you are in the mood to feel like a king or queen then book yourself a seat in the Norwegian Dawn.

The Norwegian Gem is truly a beautiful gem-like addition to the other spectacular fleet of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. With a lovely and large splash of vibrant colors on both sides of its hull, you can easily imagine yourself spending a light-hearted traveling experience with Norwegian Gem. Constructed recently, the ship is designed in such a way that leisure travelers find the best to enjoy and the most comforting spots to relax within the ship. With its humongous decks and jogging tracks along with specious gyms and staterooms that provide glorious views of the sea, the Norwegian Gem is most likely to win your heart merely with its beauty. Every room is designed in such a way that you can view the sea without the hassle of leaving your room. The staff of Norwegian Gem is hailed as friendly gems through the views of all passengers. They are friendly, considerate and most importantly, they are always at your service with a wrinkle or frown on their faces.

The Norwegian Jade is a beauty. She glides over the water like a mystic sea creature. The ship is decorated with a very relaxing ambience from within. No crazy lights will bother you. No noise will snap you out of your moment of relaxing Zen. We realize that your vacation is supposed to be complete with comfort and ease. Every story of the ship is designed and constructed in such a way that you do not have to worry about the safety of the ship at all. The windows offer lovely views of the sea. The staff is swift with service. The on-site restaurants offer scrumptious food. Waiters are friendly and attentive. In addition to the entire loveliness of the ship, the Norwegian Jade has a special center for its travelers that offer unique entertainment at the most affordable rates. Who said luxury is an unattainable dream? Norwegian Cruise Line absolutely believes that everyone can enjoy everything it offers without the slightest worry concerning the budget.

The Norwegian Pearl along with Pride of America are two ships that consistently win the hearts of the passengers of the Norwegian Cruise Lines. Why is that so, you may ask? Well, it is due to primarily two reasons: First it is the aesthetic beauty of both the ships that simply take the breath away from the passengers. Secondly it is the staff promises to make every second of your tenure enjoyable. Norwegian Majesty is a magical ship, indeed. It offers royal and majestic opulence encompassed by the ship itself. The only thing Norwegian Cruise Lines wish you to do, whatever ship you choose, is to sit back, forget the worries in the world and enjoy a long cruise to your favorite destination in the world.

Source by Amber Stemme

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