January 26, 2018

Cheap Cruise Deals – How to Find the Real Value of a Cruise Holiday

People seem to be under the impression that cruises are expensive. While it might seem that way to most of us, if we look deeper, we will see the real value in a cruise holiday.

If you do not really need to fly to your cruise port, then I strongly recommend driving. Half of the cost of your vacation can be taken up by airfare. Using my very first cruise as an example, it cost me about $ 3500 about $ 1300 of that was airfare for two people. Had I driven, admittedly the price of gas was much lower then, but the fuel costs would have been about $ 350.

For another example, the next cruise that I have booked is a 5 day cruise on board the Carnival Fantasy. For a total cost of about $ 850 I get a five day cruise for two, including all food, lodging, and two ports of call.

Compare that to almost any other type of vacation. Is it possible even to get a hotel room for five nights for $ 850.00? Add to that the opportunity to see many different countries on a single vacation and maybe you will start to see what I see.

The real value of a cruise vacation is to be found in the luxury of the accommodations. Even Carnival Cruises, which is thought by many to be one of the low end cruise lines, is more luxurious than any hotel I have ever stayed in. The meals are not only included, they are five-star and you do not even have to leave a tip.

Source by Robert Deveau

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